Do you, a family member or a friend need help with your everyday tasks of daily living?  Maybe you would like someone to do your grocery shopping for you?  Maybe you have a home project that needs a project manager to coordinate all aspects of its completion?  Maybe you need someone to go with you to medical appointments and take notes, or pick up your medications?  Wish you had someone to take your pet to the veterinarian for a checkup or shots?

Errands & More for Seniors is happy to fill your needs.

Why select Errands & More for Seniors?

Errands & More for Seniors, provides a nonmedical errand and concierge service that provides assistance for seniors and their families. Licensed, insured, and bonded, we work with seniors to create the services they would like to have and need.

We provide extra help for families and seniors that will promote independence and dignity.  We provide true and caring concierge experiences for our senior clients.

Although, we are here to serve our senior community first, we help caregivers that need assistance, or simply need someone to spend a little time with their loved one.

Please note: Errands and More for Seniors is not trained to specifically deal with caregiving.

Here is what a few clients have to say!

I have found Kim to be extraordinarily reliable and heartfelt in every thing she does.  I trust her completely.

Edna Cox

Nashville, TN

Kim Jones demonstrates compassion and empathy to assist people in need!  I have seen those attributes demonstrated personally in Kim’s long-term care of her parents and aunt.  Kim is reliable, dependable and responsible!

Julia Cheeks

Hendersonville, TN

Kim Jones has the innate ability to achieve in any endeavor. Given any task, Kim is dedicated in achieving the desired outcome. Kim is a leader who is accustomed to making tough decisions with confidence

Jesse Cheeks Sr.

Hendersonville, TN

What Is The Process?

  • On the first visit, we consult with you to discover the tasks where you need assistance.
  • A plan is developed suited for you.

How Are You Charged?

Once your plan is developed, you are charged at an hourly rate, based on the requirements of the plan. Plans average $40/hr with one hour minimum which can include multiple errands.

If you don’t see your need on this list, just ask.  We will be happy to design a package for you that will meet your everyday requests.

What Can We Do?

Here are some typical assignments you can arrange with Errands & More for Seniors:

  1. Grocery shopping / General errands
  2. Delivery and errand services for working
  3. Car repair / Oil change errands
  4. A companion to accompany you to your
    medical appointments and take notes, or be present during medical procedures
  5. Arranging for and overseeing household repairs, housekeeping services, grounds maintenance, delivered meals and catered events
  6. Organizing
  7. Pet transportation
  8. Limited pet sitting
  9. Pick up medicines from pharmacies
  10. Decluttering
  11. Document management
  12. Assisting with holiday or birthday planning,
    decorating, and purchasing, wrapping and mailing or delivery of gifts as needed
  13. Personalized contact through telephone check in
  14. Sincere companionship

If you don’t see your need on this list, just ask. We will be happy to design a package for you that will meet your everyday requests.


Kim Jones, owner of Errands & More for Seniors, has a heart for caregiving, and understands the importance of compassion in providing services to the senior community.  Over the last 30 years, Kim has been actively involved as a music publisher, but during that time she has also became a caregiver for 11 years for her own family members.  She learned first hand how important outside assistance can help seniors and their family members make it from day-to-day when sometimes they feel overwhelmed and stressed.  During her time as a caregiver, she often needed someone to just run errands for her.

Kim felt called to do something to help caregivers, such as she used to be, and the senior community with an array of services through one trustworthy source.  She found a big need for help with just doing everyday errands and tasks.  This is why she started Errands & More for Seniors.

In serving her clients, Kim feels she is opening a new window of opportunity to fill her days with rewarding service to others.

How Do You Start?

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please call 615.504.0856 or email

Available Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In the event of bad weather, we will not be open.

Currently serving Sumner and Davidson counties.